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The Return of the Work Week
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Another weekend has passed into personal history and Monday returned. As the Mondays become fewer and fewer, I gradually disconnect, rather like rootlets withdrawing from the soil and being subsumed into the mother plant. Maybe not the right words, but the image is in my mind. The tap root is still there, but it will release its hold easily without the rootlets to cling and bind.

Not that I am changing essence, but changing shape. My interests and concerns are becoming more dispassionate at work and certainly less concerned with what the outcome will be in the future.

I am leaving records and notes for the person who follows me, but if I extrapolate from past experience, the person who follows me will clean house completely, tossing everything out to get a fresh start.

When completing an assignment and being placed somewhere else, I've always left notebooks of informations, lists of contacts, timelines, copies of reports, and so on. It was always a lot of work, taking time and energy, but I felt I owed it to my successor.

Every. single. time. Every single time, the stuff has been tossed out and the newcomer has made a "fresh start", soon bad-mouthing me for having left "a mess". (It's a way of making oneself look good, to denigrate the one who came before). In fact, the criticism has already started from the person who has requested a transfer to this location, so I hear via the grapevine. And you wonder why I'm not motivated to do the extensive hand-over work again?

So I do the day-to-day stuff, to the best of my ability and I don't worry any more about records being kept from the past, or long lists itemizing concerns, ongoing problems, etc. He is too arrogant to take any kind of direction from me. He is biologically qualified to be better than any woman, you know.

Yes, I'm being snarky. But if you knew him, you'd say the same thing. Being arrogant and macho is good for covering up inadequacies and insecurities. It must be hard to have to live that way, a smart competent woman being an affront to one's masculinity. And being reduced to "I'm a man and you aren't" to close the argument.

I'll leave him the basic manuals and information that I would leave anybody and wish him well. I never wish anybody harm.

Monday musings....

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