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Early Morning or Edge of Night?
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I sat in my car this morning at 5:35 and contemplated the "whichness" of "what" as my mother used to day. It was deep dark of night, with a full moon, in spite of the clock saying A.M. What does the clock know about day and night? Not much, obviously.

One of our clients was complaining about the service and since the initiation point was only a couple of miles from my house, I volunteered to roust myself out of my nice warm bed at 0-dark-hundred, stop at Starbuck's for a quick cuppa, and go west to check out the alleged offender.

Beautiful. The temperature in the 60's, in a part of town with lots of trees, a zephyr of wind. Hardly any traffic, no one parks on the streets in that part of town. The only person I saw, other than our employee in his company vehicle, was a Department of Public Works person setting out orange cones for something or other.

The investigation of the complaint was a bust. The situation was boringly normal. Seen it once, seen it a million times. Stop. Do their thing. Start up and move on down the road. No grounds for complaint.

Oh, wait. There was one thing: employee was one (1) minute early arriving at the location (left on time). Horrors! One minute! Quick, the sky is falling, chicken little! Jeez, with all the huge problems in this world, the minutiae some people have time to complain about....

Read/Post Comments (7)

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