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The Weekend--At Last!
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As the hours dragged by yesterday, I realized that I wasn't just tired; I was coming down with a cold. I can always tell because I get a chill. Me, the polar bear, having a chill. Definitely something wrong.

I slept 10 hours almost uninterrupted, and would have stayed in bed this morning but...

The cats were out of cat food and we humans were out of coffee. This was truly a crisis of earth-shaking proportion. Having your cats yelling at you while your fuzzy brain tries to figure out how to shut them up and at the same time satisfy the need for a hot cup of coffee, stifle the sneezing and quiet the cough...aaaargh! Where's the kleenex?

I found an old mostly empty package of cat treats. One problem solved temporarily. And in the back of the cupboard was a jar of instant coffee. Awful stuff, but it got me going enough to get dressed and out the door to Trader Joe's where I bought food and good coffee.

While getting dressed, I realized I am out of clean clothes (no time last weekend to do laundry). Drat. Instead of going back to bed and nursing my cold now, I have to do laundry. Too bad there's no laundry fairy.

Well, I guess I'd better get off the computer and go sort stuff into lights and darks and trudge down to the washing machine. Aaachoo!

No. Wait! Make good coffee first, then laundry. Priorities, priorities.

Read/Post Comments (6)

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