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Not At Work
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Usually around this time of year (actually, by mid-October), things have settled down to a reasonable pace and work actually becomes enjoyable. The furious customers have had their issues addressed; the frantic adjustments to management demands and additional work loads have been made; November and December are normally even-paced and routine.

Not this year. The insanity continues and I find myself, for the first time in many years, reluctant to go to work. I do not suffer abuse willingly and I feel I've paid my dues. As much as I can, I'm delegating the calls and tasks to others.

The new software--once again, off the shelf and not yet adapted to our needs--will require someone to train users on it. Naturally, they turned to me and asked me to schedule it into my remaining weeks.

I said no. No, thank you. I so much appreciate the offer once again to undertake the training of new users on software that doesn't work, but I really must decline, much as it affects me to do so.

Can I prevaricate or what.

The nastiness of this year is making it much easier to contemplate retirement. Between software that doesn't work, customers angry at reduced service due to budget cuts, and RIF (reduction in force) cuts everywhere, this place ain't what it used to be.

Still a good place to work, but I'm done with it.

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