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Speed Reading
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At last, vindication of an idea I've had for decades regarding reading. My theory stems from the experience I had as a three- and four-year-old (before starting first grade at 5). Until I started school, I had no experience with phonics. I learned to read by recognizing the whole word. First word was "the".

In fact, I didn't know the alphabet and didn't learn it until first grade. I knew how to read by the conformation of the words. In other words, I had what researchers are now calling a "visual dictionary", allowing quick recognition of words without having to sound out words each time they are encountered and having to sub-vocalize while reading.

To this day, I do sound-based processing (phonics) only when reading words I don't know or use only seldom. But for speed reading, my internal visual dictionary is essential and efficient.

I didn't plan it that way; it just happened. And now research validates my personal experience.

Now I'm wondering about Chinese writing, if it might not be more efficient, not less, than letter-by-letter writing. Wonder if anybody has made this connection. Yet.

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