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Headed to Chinatown today for Dim Sum with friends and then window shopping to walk it off. Weather perfect--highs in upper 50's, only 20% chance of rain.

Southern California rain is usually what you all would call showers. Nothing much to speak of. Only in El Nino winters do we get what I would call Rain. You know, the soaking wet, slanting in sideways, stinging your face stuff. (insert memories of India monsoons here)

Most years when we're on "Storm Watch", there's not even enough precipitation to water the lawn thoroughly. This is desert country, after all, watered by out of state sources like the Owens River (lots of history there). Left to itself, it would revert back to scrub and dust. For proof, I submit you look at the vacant lots where foreclosed homes have been razed. Yes, even here in the Golden State.

Looking forward to a day out with my friends. A foretaste of retirement, being able to enjoy life outside of the restrictions of employment and housework. My motto: Don't fence me in.

I can understand why some people have heart attacks right after retiring--the grief of saying goodbye to a whole way of life, the sheer joy of moving on, maybe a few worries about making ends meet--very stressful. Because I'm aware of that, I'm retiring gradually, so it won't be such a huge shock--taking vacation all of next week, for instance, "practicing" being retired.

90012? That's the zip code for Chinatown.

Read/Post Comments (3)

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