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Early Thanksgiving
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Going to pick up N and go to his brother's for an early Thanksgiving. I think they want to have dinner with us today and get their social obligation over with--then they're free to head north to Bakersfield for their real Thanksgiving with son/daughter/in-laws/grandchildren.

Since it's so important to N, I'm grateful to them for their efforts. Even though I've come down with a miserable cold (is there any other kind?), I'll pick him up at the VA and I'll be as sociable as I'm able to be.

N had a bad cold a couple of weeks ago, but insisted that I visit him anyway (I wanted to beg off), so I'm not surprised, though I am disappointed. I don't get sick very often; I don't suffer viruses (viri?) gladly. Taking zinc and vitamin C and an herbal mixture which includes goldenseal and echinacea. It helps soothe the miseries.

Currently baking bread and brewing coffee--the house smells wonderful, raising my mood a little. Things aren't so bad after you've wrapped yourself around a cup of coffee (or in Batty's case, tea).

Hey, y'all, go to Google home page and click on the turkey's wing. *giggle* You can also click on head, individual feathers, feet, to see one change at a time.

I feel better already.

Read/Post Comments (5)

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