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No Rest for the Weary, No Hope for the Wicked
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There seems to be an endless stream of Things To Be Done these days. Pick up new glasses, send a note to Kramer, send something else to Liera, contact Sprinkler Doctor to fix the unwelcome spray fountain in the back yard, fuel up the vehicle

and always feed the cat, feed the cat, feed the cat.

Then there is the list of Things To Be Done When I Get Around To Them. Not enough space on this hard drive to list all of them. The thing to do, I think, is to try to be organized about doing them, so I don't start projects all over the place and leave them partially finished to be stumbled over in the dark.

It's going to take a certain amount of discipline to be that organized and also to divest myself of stuff. I was looking at desk stuff--staplers, paper clips, envelopes, rubber bands, and so on--and thinking I couldn't possibly throw out or give away any of it.

Then I thought, how much of this am I going to use in the next 20 years or so? I have enough paper clips to supply the entire U.S. Government--or at least, the State of California. Might be that I could get by just fine with a single box of large clips. When I cleaned out N's desk, it was full of dried out ink pens, moldy envelopes, etc. Why keep stuff when it's useless, just to admire the collection?

On a similar topic, I just washed and folded all my tee shirts. I have too many to fit all of them in the drawer. Time to give a few away, and buy no more. Or if I buy another, be prepared to get rid of one. No mas!

What I'm not looking forward to is dealing with N's stuff. His stuff is important to him and I'll have to dedicate major storage space to his stuff, just because he can't bear to donate or sell any of it. His stuff defines him, every last shredded tee and droopy pair of shorts. Maybe I can get rid of some of it and keep some of it in the closets. The garage is still filled with his old VW and his tools and...and...and....

I really wish I could clean out his stuff as well as my own. But so long as he is alive, that will never happen. Might as well resign myself to it, and do whatever I can just for my own stuff.

hmmmm...I wonder how much it costs to rent storage space?

Read/Post Comments (8)

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