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Shall We Dance?
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A couple of weeks ago a group of friends and I went to Chinatown for dim sum and shopping (really, more sightseeing than shopping). As we wended our way through narrow aisles between vendors, we constantly met people coming from the other direction and the "shall we dance" process took place.

You know the one, where you both step to the right, then both step to the left. "After you, Alphonse." "No, no, after you, Gaston." Yes, that dance.

Well, I have learned about a way to avoid this silliness. Instead of looking the opposite person in the eye, to smile and apologize for being in the way, look to the side over their shoulder, where you intend to go.

Instinctively, they will know that is your path, and they will go the other way.

After reading about it, I tried it at church on Sunday, where we also have the "shall we dance" problem during the crowded coffee and conversation hour after services. I made eye contact and smiled at the person (someone I knew, usually), then looked away at the direction I wanted to go.

Sure enough, they reciprocated and moved to the side away from where my gaze indicated.

Doesn't work with the people standing in the middle of the aisle, talking and eating, oblivious to the world, because you can't catch their attention to begin with.

Stepping on their toes (accidentally, of course) seems to work just fine, but is, of course, terribly gauche.

Read/Post Comments (6)

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