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A Bit Embarrassed
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You know, I'm a bit embarrassed about this whole end-of-work retirement thing. Here I thought that someone would make a big deal, or at least a medium-sized deal out of it. To be honest, I expected a party. Or something to mark the events of birthday and retirement.

I have received a couple of candy canes and a gift of a manicure set (obviously a re-gift). One person gave me a coffee cup from Starbucks and a sampler of coffees (nice gift). Though it's not about the gifts; it's about the human connection.

And that was all. Several people said good-bye today on their way out the door (today is the last day of work for most people until after the New Year).

Silly me, letting myself expect some sort of recognition. All I did was set myself up for disappointment.

So I want a party? This weekend I'm going to the party store, buy pretty plates and napkins, and Monday order in pizza and soda and throw myself a party. They can come if they want to, or not. However, no one in our office ever turns down free food. I may even stop at Baskin Robbins and buy an ice cream cake saying "Happy Retirement to Me".

Why am I waiting or hoping someone else will do it for me? All my life when I've needed something done, I've had to do it for myself, pretty much. Depending on family, friends or coworkers is a recipe for sorrow.

And that is the last time you'll hear me mention the subject.

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