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Usually when I take my shower, it's in the morning. Even though it's cold in the house, it's the best time for it. After work I'm usually too tired and there's dinner to make and after dinner, conversation and Scrabble or Rummi-kub or some other game.

This morning I decided to be totally self-indulgent. Instead of freezing my bits and pieces, quick-in and quick-out, I turned up the heat in the house and turned on the little electric heater in the bathroom before showering.

Totally luxurious. A huge waste of electricity and gas and water, but once in a while, on an exceptionally frigid morning, worth it. I brought all my clean clothes into the bathroom with me and dressed in the warmth before opening the door and emerging like Venus on the half shell.

My hair is still wet (and cold now), but it will dry. Eventually. And the rest of me is nicely toasty warm.

Turned the heat down, back to 65, and turned off the bathroom heater, as a good environmental conservative should. (Left at the higher thermostat setting, the house would quickly become uncomfortable.)

Once in a while, self-indulgence is good.

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Read/Post Comments (4)

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