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Kindle Crazy
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I'm afraid to touch my Kindle this morning. You see, it's like this:

I read Neon Dragon by John Dobbyn and liked it so much I downloaded his second book, Frame-Up yesterday.

I had just finished reading an historical novel, Ward of Aquitaine, and was ready for a mystery (I tend to alternate among mystery, fantasy, historical fiction, and science fiction). Frame-Up was the next one in the Kindle Home index, so I started it after lunch.

I got nothing done for the rest of the day, except the perfunctory sorting and cleaning out of the dresser drawers, an activity which provided me enough exercise that I could go back to reading (I can endure sitting still for only an hour or so at a time--I get restless).

By bedtime, I was 51% through the book, having missed completely my Knitting Group meeting. I was so sleepy I could hardly keep my eyes open (or I'd have read the whole thing).

This morning I don't dare fire up the Kindle, for fear of being drawn into the rest of the book, when I have real world things which Must Be Done. The second half of the novel will be my Just Reward for doing the mundane tasks.

Such is the life of a retired person.

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