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Green Stuff
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My so-called lawn is quite green at this time of year. I suppose there's some grass mixed in with the dandelions and other green growing things. The whole little wilderness is kept tamed by regular mowing, so it is quite respectable from a distance of several yards.

It's green because we had those nice rains a while back, and I've been turning on the lawn sprinklers a couple of times a week, just long enough to keep it that way. I know it's wasteful of water, but I do love my greenery.

During the hot months of the year the sprinklers keep it from reverting to desert completely, and in the winter the brief watering keeps it green until the rain comes, usually in January and February. We have had winters with virtually no rain at all and every growing thing suffers.

On the other green front, today is supposed to be payday. I tried to log into the Credit Union to check my account balance (the District owes me three weeks' pay), but both times I tried my password the message came back that my login was invalid. Say what?

In another couple of hours I'll be able to call and find out what's going on. I know the mortgage is paid and the account isn't overdrawn (I'm very careful about that), but I'd sure like to know if I got my last paycheck deposited.

Yeah, I know I'm a worrier. So shoot me.

whew! online banking system just overloaded because it's end-of-year payday. no problem getting access later in the morning.

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