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I got some new glasses last month, but I found they were giving me blurred, double vision. Everyone told me that if I kept wearing them, eventually my eyes would adapt.

So I've put away my reading glasses and I'm using the new blended lenses for computer work. We'll see.

It's cold and very windy, albeit sunny, today. Typical southern California dry winter storm. The fruitless mulberry (aka the wonder tree) is shedding leaves in great numbers; wonder how there manage to be so many still attached.

The wind finds the house's every little crack and crevice, in places not visible at all, but definitely there, drafty. Time to dress warmly, long sleeves, long pants, socks, shoes. (Shoes worn under protest).

I've started reading Stephenson's Quicksilver. After reading most of the evening, I was only 2% of the way through it. I love the way he writes, but I have the feeling it will take me a long time to read the whole book.

I'm also reading The Time Traveller's Wife in dead tree format. Format not by preference, but just because it was there, on my bookshelf. Yes, in spite of the fact that I have a Kindle with 200, 300 books on it, I still have shelves and shelves of books.

We were speaking about earthquake preparedness yesterday. I'm prepared; just look at all the books. And if I couldn't recharge my Kindle for a while, I still have hard copy editions for reading. What else could I possibly need?

Oh. Food and water? Shelter? Extra warm clothing? Rescue equipment? Yes, I guess so. I'll go and check.

Read/Post Comments (6)

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