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Raindrops Keep Fallin'
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The rain is so light that you can almost hear the spaces between the raindrops, microscopic silences between each little plop, plop.

I hope the garden is enjoying the unpolluted water. None of the seeds has sprouted yet. I've watered them every day from the hose, city water spiced up with chlorine/fluorine. You can actually smell it when you run the faucet full on.

The additives may be "safe" according to some government agency, but I'm uncomfortable drinking chemicals in my water. I grew up on well water, and that's my standard for H2O. Rain water comes in second for purity and taste.

Yes, we filter our drinking water in a Brita pitcher, but fluorine ions are too small to be filtered out and highly reactive with everything, binding easily to all other metals. Doesn't give me much confidence in the quality of the drinking water. I imagine showering every day means breathing it in, as well.

The filtered water is allowed to sit for a while and breathe. Perhaps some of the stuff evaporates. I hope.

Anyway, the garden hasn't sprouted yet. It's been 9 days since the seeds were planted. I'm getting impatient (getting impatient? hah! more like, been impatient all along!) C'mon little guys, let's show some green here. Shake a leg leaf!

Read/Post Comments (4)

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