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Visiting Day
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Most of the day was taken up running errands and visiting my friends at work. The connections and relationships built over 20 to 30 years are still strong and it was a pleasure to renew our friendships.

We talked far longer than any of us were aware, until Anita mentioned that it was nearly time for her to leave to go home (she finishes her day at 3:30) goodness, where did the time go?

There were so many people to hug and share with the doings of the last few weeks, that the time just flew by. The only person missing was Dan Gent, and I'm hoping we can get together for lunch one of these days. We email and text all the time, which helps keep our friendship strong.

Gorgeous weather, high of 77 degrees. The kind of weather that brings people from the northern states in droves to sunny southern California. Would that it were always so pleasant here, but alas, we are basically desert and the heat will return all too soon.

Just finished a book called "The Prophet Motive," a thriller about cults and their practices. Of course the Good Guys win (how else could there be sequels?), but their experiences are harrowing. It kept me up most of the night reading the last 1/3 of the book.

It misses out on an "excellent" rating because of some truly sophomoric similes, clunky dialog, and at least one (to me) wholly unbelievable scene, as it would be to anyone who knows anything about saddling and riding horses. In spite of the writing flaws, though, the story rings with authenticity. I recommend it (with reservations).

Tomorrow, for the first time in my life, I'm going to have someone come and do the heavy housework. At my age, I'm just not up to scrubbing floors and cleaning ovens. I feel a certain amount of guilt (good old New England self reliance and Puritan Ethic), but the need for a clean house is overriding my reluctance.

Do you suppose "godliness" is next on the agenda? Not hardly.

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