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I think I can do this, which is to say, link to the article I referenced yesterday (aha! I haven't forgotten how to do it!), an article mostly about toxoplasmosis gonderii and its putative effects on the brain and subsequently on behavior.

The whole article is fascinating, not just for cat lovers (or haters), but for all of us. Just how much is our behavior influenced by free loaders in our brain? Creepy, a bit, and interesting.

In more mundane news, the sky is overcast, the humidity high, but it's not going to rain. A shame, really, since we desperately need it and the rainy season is fast coming to an end. The weather report last night said 50% chance of rain, but by this morning it had morphed into occasional showers. We haven't experienced so much as a bit of drizzle yet, and those clouds are pretty high; not much chance of any precipitation, I fear.

I'll contact the LAUSD benefits office again (I'm calling once a day until I get some results) and then it's off to the VA for another fun visit with N (not).

Can hardly wait to get back to the book I'm reading. Another indie author, but she's unintentionally funny. The plot and characters are good, but she chooses the wrong word in key situations (plucked from the thesaurus?), thus making the reader -- me -- stop and wonder what the heck is going on. A couple of times I've actually laughed out loud, though it wasn't what the author intended, I'm sure.

A shame, really, since her work shows a lot of promise, more than the average. Why on earth don't indie authors have someone with strong language and grammar skills proofread their stuff before publishing?

Read/Post Comments (2)

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