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Give Us a Real Choice
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Thomas Friedman in "The New York Times" recently wrote a piece declaring the need for a sane GOP. Pundits and people everywhere are castigating the Republican candidates for being way out there, fanatics and social conservatives having hijacked the country's attention.

The criticism of them forces political candidates to adopt a false facade of moderation, to bury their true positions in a flurry of words and coded phrases. They say whatever will please the audience of the moment.

I disagree with Friedman. I say, give us a real choice. Let the candidates reveal their true positions and let the party's standard bearer truly represent the opinions and desires of the rank and file. If those choices are bizarre and retro, let them at least be clearly stated.

Let them say in straightforward language if they want to abrogate the Bill of Rights, negate the Constitution, instead of wrapping themselves in the flag and prating on about simplistic social and fiscal conservative views. (A different kind of socialism--socialist reactionary?).

Give us a clear choice.

To accomplish this end, perhaps both parties should be required to develop a party platform before the primary elections, and then the prospective leaders be required to speak to those issues.

I'd like to see an end to the hedging, the bobbing-and-weaving, the taking back and hinting. If they want the leadership of this country, let them speak their words.

Or eat them.

Read/Post Comments (6)

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