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Keep On Walkin'
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Reading my Kindle while walking my treadmill definitely works. What also works is doing it first thing in the morning before my rationalizing brain has managed to think up any excuses for skipping today.

Plus, for motivation all I have to do is visualize cutting shears ripping up my sternum and machines holding my ribs apart, while a heart/lung machine takes over breathing and circulation for me. If that won't motivate me, I don't know what will. (Yes, I'm going to ask about minimally invasive valve replacement).

That's the stick. The carrot is that I bought a Kindle novel that is pure mind candy (heroic fantasy coming-of-age) and during treadmill time is the only time I get to read it.

I might actually start looking forward to walking, just to be able to read the next few chapters.

BTW, the walking is pretty gentle. Nothing too strenuous; just enough to get the heart rate up and the breathing in gear.

I told my cardiologist that I was walking, and all he did was nod, so I guess he didn't have a problem with it. Maybe he didn't believe me. So many times a doctor has to hear promises of improved diet and more exercise--and it never happens. They must get pretty cynical about such things.

After a couple, three days of warm summerlike weather, the high clouds have descended (no rain) and we're back to winter temperatures (52 right now). Don't like the weather? Just wait a while. That was the joke when I was a kid in Connecticut, but it seems just as true out here as well.

Thank heavens for heaters. I can take off my sweatshirt now. Where's my COFFEE??

Read/Post Comments (6)

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