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Zucchini Squash!!
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Omigosh, I just checked the front yard mini-garden. Early on, we planted zucchini and squash, but only one plant sprouted, so we put in more seeds, thinking the earlier seeds were duds.

Holy simoleons, we're going to be up to our elbows in squash, with nearly a dozen plants now spreading leaves to the sun. They all sprouted, eventually. Something is nibbling on the early leaves, but that's not a deterrent to the growth, doesn't even slow them down.

That little patch of lawn weeds will be covered soon in twining vines and huge squash leaves. Not that it was ever much of a lawn. Have to make a list of people on whom to foist--I mean gift with--zucchini and yellow squash. You know we won't be able to eat them all ourselves.

Astonishing the life the earth supports, blessed by rain and sun.

Read/Post Comments (8)

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