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Happy Happy Happy Dance
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I found it!! I'm not given to exclamation points much (I often carp about how the key should be removed from some people's keyboards), but this entry deserves some enthusiasm.

You see, it's like this. My husband and his brother inherited a condo from their mother some years ago and sold it during 2011 (Homeowner's Association only allows a certain percentage of condos to be rentals, so it was standing empty, plus there was an assessment for roof repair.)

Like an idiot, I gave all the paperwork to my husband and he shoved it in with his socks, used coffee cups, old candy wrappers, dayold underwear, etc., as that is the way he lives. **shudder**

I was sure it was gone forever, because I hadn't made a copy of the escrow paperwork for the income tax records and I have been worried that I would have to ask the IRS to take my word for the amount distributed to us as my husband's share of the sale.

But--hurray!--husband had shoved it into a manila envelope labelled something unrelated--"Schwab IRA" (just a little confused)--and I found it today, just checking through everything one final time.

What a relief. That was the last item I needed before filing taxes--the amount of the escrow check.

I did a happy dance in the kitchen and treated myself to another cup of coffee. Yay!!

Read/Post Comments (3)

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