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New Kindle
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I bought a new Kindle, at long last. The old one is going to my husband for easier reading. Holding a book open, for a person with Parkinson's, is a trial. His vision is poor as well, and the ability for him to use a larger font is an added beneficial aspect.

New Kindle? I bought the Kindle Touch with offers.

1. I do not need the pretty colors of the Kindle Fire, nor do I need the ability to stream media or music downloads or fancy apps. I use my Kindle exclusively for reading.

2. I bought the Kindle Touch with special offers (instead of without offers) to save money (half the price of the Kindle Fire). When reading, the special offers do not display. The only display areas are "Home" (at the bottom) and the default display when the Kindle is in sleep mode.

The offers are unusual, to say the least. This morning, so far, I've seen offers for hypnotherapy, gourmet popcorn, and Laser Vision visual correction. Since they are in black and white (and shades of gray), they're not very intrusive. Already I'm learning to "unsee" them.

3. I got the Kindle Touch, because it's time that I learned to use a touch screen (tap screen, if you prefer); more and more that will be the mode of access/use in the future, I think.

It's taking some getting used to. I keep gripping the bezel at the sides of the Touch, expecting to turn the page. And I have to stop to think how do I access the menu. However, with time, it will become as transparent to me during use as both the old Kindle and the computer keyboard and mouse are now. (I remember the first time I ever used a mouse, trying to keep eye/hand coordination.)

I'm trying to avoid being seduced by the new and shiny, even though I'd really love to buy every new gadget out there. I ask myself, do I really need this? How will I use it? When I thought about it, much as I was bedazzled by the Kindle Fire, I realized that what I wanted was an eReader. For now. Later, some day, I'll get an iPad (one reason I'm training myself to use a touch screen). For now, I'm content.

I enjoy learning new things. I love puzzles. And tech.

Below: Kindle Fire vs Kindle Touch

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