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"Glowing" All Day
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With temperatures still flirting with 90 and the sun intense and unforgiving, not a breeze to moderate the heat, today was a difficult day to be working on setting up for the rummage sale, but it had to be done.

I'm so tired now that I'm nearly incoherent. We got a lot done, though there's still more to come to organize as people bring clothes, books, knickknacks, toys and who knows whatall.

In the afternoon the U-Verse guy came and fixed our installation and replaced our DVR, so we have TV service again! Too tired to watch more than 30 minutes of NOVA tonight, but some favorites will be recorded and watched when there's time.

Also visited N at the VA and brought him the wireless modem for his computer. I picked it up at the FedEx office before heading to the VA. I think it has to be programmed first, but he seems to think he knows what he's doing, so I left the device and the directions with him to deal with as he sees fit, in his vast 1980's era computer knowledge. This is the man who wanted to partition the hard drive and load DOS on one partition. Show of hands: How many of you have worked with pre-Windows DOS? How many of you want to use DOS as your operating system now? I thought so.

He commented that it (the modem) was probably too large to fit in the card slot. I showed him the modem's USB connector and indicated that I thought it was a stand alone with a cable connection. Not sure he understood. It took me 90 minutes of stop-and-go driving to get there, another 75 minutes on the return. Add that time to an hour's visit, and you can see that the morning was pretty much gone.

Tomorrow the day will start with a visit to the dentist.

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