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Downstairs, Upstairs
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Downstairs the kitchen has been painted, the cabinet doors re-hung, the light fixtures and fan cleaned. Like most contractors, she's left a few things unfinished: one of the cabinet door hinges is missing, so it continues to gape at the rest of the neatly-closed cupboards.

And the bulletin board with the calendar on it has not been re-hung. Also, the water line from the sink to the ice cube maker is leaking, so the cold water to the kitchen has been shut off.

It's so much fun, you know, schlepping cold water in pots from the bathroom to the kitchen. But I would never say anything; it would hurt her feelings after all that hard work.

I have faith, however, that eventually (if I live that long), everything will be fixed and functional. Right now it is brand spanking newly painted and looks beautiful. It's amazing how much improvement is made by a good paint job and different knobs and drawer pulls, to go along with the recently installed tiled floor.

Upstairs, the whole huge closet/cupboard that goes all along one wall has been completely reorganized. With two empty shelves left over! I can hardly believe it.

Of course, now that the rummage sale is over, I'm finding stuff I should have donated. I wonder if it would be better to save it till the next sale or give it to Goodwill now. What do you think?

I worry a bit that the rummage items will sink back into the maw of the house, not to resurface for another 5 years, so maybe I should just donate them while I can still get my hands on them.

On the other hand, if I wait for the rummage sale, the church benefits--or a yard sale, and I benefit directly.

Hmmmmm...decisions, decisions.

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