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We're Having a Heat Wave
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...a tropical heat wave. Yesterday's high was blood temperature--98 degrees Fahrenheit. Today's prediction is for about 4 degrees cooler. No, I don't imagine I'll need my longjohns quite yet.

N dropped his mouse and broke it. I didn't know you could break a mouse, but he managed. So today I'm going for a visit to bring him another one. I tried to convince him that a mouse with a cable connection might make it less likely to hit the floor, but he wants a wireless mouse. So that's what he gets.

When I return, I'm hunkering down in my cool house and doing indoor stuff. The humming birds were flitting about this morning, enjoying the new sugar water offering in the feeder, but by 11 a.m. or so, they'll be in the shade, too. Even Max, who is mentally slow, is finding a shady place for a long cat nap (he's been known to sit in the sun too long).

Summer is here. [No, there's no climate change. Whyever would you think such a thing?] June, July, August, September--all will find us frying in midday heat. Supposedly it cools down in October, but given the shift in the weather, I'm not counting on it.

Like Sue, I'm limiting my excursions to places where I can enjoy OPAC.

Which reminds me--I'm going to a conference in Phoenix at the end of this month. What a stupid decision that was. Can't back out now, as I'm providing transportation for someone else. Drat.

Read/Post Comments (3)

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