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Remember, back in December, when I was singing the praises of retirement and how I wouldn't have to arise before the sun was up?

The irony of retirement is that I get up (voluntarily, mind you) just before sunrise, at about the same time I was getting up while working, to take a walk. At least I'm doing so during the summer, when the sun becomes so violent in its adoration of the earth and the temperatures skyrocket to 90, 95, before you can say "Jack Robinson." [Who was he, anyway?]

It's lovely and cool. The mockingbirds swoop and chatter. The insolent crow hops along the sidewalk, checking for any stray bits of interest and keeping an eye on me, the intruder, as well.

I go through phases of my walk, getting winded after a few minutes, slowing down, pickickg up the pace again, and I'm fine. Then about halfway through my foot cramps up and I make a conscious effort to relax it and stretch out the toes as much as possible. The cramp goes away.

And the whole time there is this lovely morning, kissed with dew, preparing itself for whatever the day will bring.

Home again, to get a cup of coffee and to find my spare ear buds (what a great idea!). Failing that, a bluetooth would do (another great idea). When the neighbors see me talking to the crow, though, they will suspect something....

You don't realize it, but you come along with me on my walks, in my mind's eye. I enjoy your company!

Read/Post Comments (6)

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