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Beasts of the Southern Wild (Katrina story)
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Just returned home from "Beasts of the Southern Wild" matinee at my local theatre. The storm of the century floods the bayou and the devastation is nearly total.

One review calls it "hilarious" and "uplifting" though I don't see how anyone could find it funny. Nor am I sure about the uplifting part, either. The visuals of New Orleans post-Katrina are arresting; the musical score is terrific. The little girl's acting reminds me a lot of Marlon Brando's style.

Both of the main characters (and most of the supporting cast) are locals.

The "beasts" are aurochs*, the symbols of death, and the metaphors abound, so do the stereotypical characters. Add in the ecological lessons and stir. The best parts are the child's narrative, trying to make sense of a world out of whack, a world coming apart.

While I wouldn't call it a classic, by any means, I would recommend a viewing. It's a movie you'll remember. Bring popcorn.

*Nitpick: the movie made the aurochs look like giant, evil, double-tusked pigs. In fact, they were the Old World ancestor of domestic cattle; the last one died in the 17th century.

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