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Annoying My Neighbor
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My geriatric cat, Max, has taken to standing outside the kitchen door (not 15 feet from the neighbor's back door) and yowling his fool head off at 6:30 in the morning, every morning.

I feel terrible about it, and I go outside and give him treats and pets to shut him up as soon as I can get downstairs (I realize that I'm reinforcing the behavior, but my main concern is for the neighbors).

He's always been an outdoor cat, never leaves the yard, about 20 years old. I can't bring him inside because he sprays everywhere. Even neutering him didn't change that behavior. I tried letting him stay in the garage, and he urinated and sprayed on everything. It took days of washing down with bleach to get the smell out. Some stuff just had to be tossed.

The neighbors are truly irritated, and I don't blame them. I remember how annoyed I was at their parrot, who screeched every morning, every evening, and whenever the dogs got to barking.

I wish there were something I could do about Max.

Read/Post Comments (6)

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