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Windows (not the computer's)
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I'm so excited. The construction crew is here, taking out the old upstairs windows and installing new double pane insulation windows complete with air conditioners in each room.

This is a project I have wanted to have done for years. I mean it literally: for *years*. My husband, who thought because he's a man he was a handyman, "fixed" them nearly 20 years ago by putting adhesive sun reflective coating on them, and making one of them plexiglas with a cat door, so the cat can go in and out onto the roof and down the tree (coyotes can't climb trees).

Thing of it is, he did a terrible job. The cut edges were ragged, the fit of the cat door was wrong -- he cut the pane with the orientation 90degrees off and then had to cut another piece to patch it-- and the window has been jiggery pokery'd ever since with curtains and so forth to cover it up.

Finally I have professionals redoing the whole thing and I'm delighted. I've saved and saved for this and it will be worth every penny so that when I look out the window my first thought isn't "N did a piss poor job of this and I have to live with it" at last. I can look out the window and enjoy the view of the olive tree and the yard.

The cat will still have the bathroom window cranked open two to three inches, to come and go. She doesn't need a cat door. I seriously doubt a burglar is going to shinny up the olive tree (which will break under his weight), fling himself onto the dormer under the bathroom window, and then force open the bathroom window.

If he does, he has to get past the attack cat. And then, well, he's welcome to take all the spare towels he wants/needs.

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