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Social Security
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When I retired, I did some calculations. I figured out how much I had paid into social security over my lifetime, then I estimated that I would live for 15 years after I retire.

I was curious about the numbers, because I've heard so many accusations about retirees living "on the dole" because we're collecting "free money" from the government, living off the labor of others.

It turns out that I paid into social security, over the approximately 40 years I worked in positions that were in the social security system (teachers are exempted, so the plus 10 years I was a teacher don't count)--in those 40 years I paid in more than I can expect to collect over the rest of my lifetime.

I am NOT a burden to society and I should not have my benefits cut back by some ideologue's notion that the rich are better somehow and deserve their wealth and the rest of us are drones, parasites on the body economic.

I earned my retirement.

*steps down off soapbox* Thank you for reading.

Read/Post Comments (7)

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