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Five Years
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I have had a torn-off piece of paper attached to my refrigerator with a magnet from Yosemite, (Love those refrigerator magnets!) dated 08/11/2007.

After five years, almost to the day, I can remove it. Five years ago N and I were having a drag down, knock about fight over money and allocation of household tasks. I was working full time and he was playing with his computer, taking it apart, reloading the operating system, visiting his girlie sites, and pretending to write a book.

All I was asking was that he make the appointments for the following and then agree to be home to supervise the contractor(s). His response was "Oh, so you don't want me to write the book?" (I recorded it on the aforementioned scrap of paper).

The written list was this:

Income tax (It was overdue and was on an unneeded extension because he couldn't find time to sort the financial records. He wanted to enter all the data into a computer spreadsheet. And of course the computer wasn't working.)

Roof replaced (it was leaking and shingles were blowing off)

Plumbing (lead pipes gone, install copper piping); replace downstairs toilet

Install window air conditioners upstairs--can't live in this climate without a/c

Repair the foundation of the outlying building (giant shed) at his house, which is 10 miles away.

Only the income tax got done (by me) while he was still under my roof. The Feds are not patient. Or forgiving. Once he moved out, July 2010, I could start to make this place from a shanty to a home.

Today, much to my relief and great pleasure, the last of the items has been completed (five years later!) and I will settle up with the contractor later this morning. All through this process, B has been a big help.

There must be an appropriate ceremony for the tearing up and/or burning of the list. Accompanied by loud joyful music and dancing.

Read/Post Comments (5)

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