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Baking Day
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Ah, was I going to write a discussion of culinary events, or was I going to pitch a fit about the weather.

Both, actually. The temperature has clawed and scratched its way up to 99--don't think it will break 100--and my housemate B has decided to bake brownies for tomorrow's Sunday coffee hour after church. So the kitchen downstairs is both extremely hot and in a turmoil.

I fled to my quarters upstairs.

I know that what she is really doing is avoiding a couple of hard decisions. It's called procrastination by redirection. Have done it many times myself, deciding to clean out a closet, for instance, instead of tackling the federal income tax paperwork. So I'm hardly in a position to criticize procrastination, but her choice of redirected activity is thoughtless and impulsive.

However, I'm not so much of a fool as to confront her when she's feeling stressed. Been there, done that, much to my regret. I will, however, at another time when life is less frenetic, suggest to her that baking brownies would have been much better done in the evening or late at night (she doesn't go to bed until midnight or later).

Mid-afternoon, hottest part of the day? Sounds like something my mother would have done, just not thinking in the big picture.

Thank goodness for my a/c upstairs!

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