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Here We Go Again...
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Just when we thought perhaps the worst of the summer heat was over, too. Predicted 3-digit temperatures loom for the next few days. This is one of the times I really wish and hope the prognosticators are wrong.

The predictions are for warmer overnight temperatures (making sleeping difficult), as well. This morning, however, was cool and calm -- not a hint of a zephyr. The weatherbug showed 0 mph winds, really unusual.

The reason that's noteworthy? Compressional heating, my friends. Los Angeles turns into a giant pressure cooker, steaming away under a weather high, with air quality getting worse and worse (no wind to blow it out to sea).

Oh, joy.

In other news, back at the ranch (remember those old westerns?), N is getting a full battery of tests at long last. Neurology for Parkinson's, pain clinic for his back, dental work, vision, and finally endocrinology workup for his testosterone (lack thereof, possibly over-medicated).

I could tell how relieved he is to feel that the VA is taking his complaints seriously. I never doubted it, since nearly every visit with him is interrupted by a NP or an MD or an RN with medication changes, questions about how he feels, and so forth.

But he doesn't feel that they're doing anything unless he has a visit to a clinic, or another MRI or CATscan or blood test or whatever. With the mind/body connection, his belief that they're doing something may actually result in an improvement in his perceived well-being.

Let's hope.

Read/Post Comments (6)

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