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I'm very angry about the video released late yesterday in which Romney talks in a disrespectful manner about the 47%. I felt he was talking about me (social security recipient) and my friends (many of whom are black, and consider that the 'victim' appellation was directed at them). I take his comments personally; I'm one of "those" people.

He's essentially saying that all people are not entitled to enough to eat, clothes to cover themselves, a roof over their heads, and medical care when ill or elderly. He specifically emphasized -- in a negative tone -- the word "entitled".

I'm finding it hard to find words adequate to express my outrage at his dismissal of people who do not pay income tax, who receive public assistance, who are retired, veterans and the handicapped. As though we do not know how to take responsibility for our lives and do not count.

Sure, I know those were off the cuff, casual comments, not scripted. All the more reason to see that those are his u>true feelings about the old, the sick, the hungry, those in want, those working and living below the poverty line.

He has been generous--to his own, to his own religious/social community. But I fear his views are pretty insular and retrogressive.

Can he be the president of all the people?

Read/Post Comments (8)

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