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What Worries Me
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What worries me about who is elected president is not so much domestic policy--there are enough (I hope) concerned citizens who will push back against stupid, ill-considered economic policy, such as making Medicare a voucher system, which would line the pockets of the insurance companies at the expense of seniors, the very ill, the disabled.

But foreign policy is another matter, with the War Powers Act giving the president the power to initiate aggression, and there being little or no ability to control or modify actions in regard to another nation, (entering into treaties with foreign governments specifically reserved to the federal government, and, by extension, all relations with foreign powers).

An ill-informed president, pushed by hawkish neocons, could easily start World War III. The statements about Palestinians not wanting peace and the candidate just hoping for enough stability in the region to hold on, (kick the can down the road until another president takes over?) were scary.

We do not need a figurehead president, whose second-in-command runs domestic affairs and whose neocon advisors push the buttons on international relations. I have the impression that he was a figurehead at Bain Capital and his subordinates ran the show--and that he would be the same kind of president.

Why would he change when it worked so well for him, lining his pockets with big bucks at others' expense, with minions doing the work?

Read/Post Comments (6)

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