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So What Else is New?
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Well, let's see...Maine had an earthquake. An earthquake??? In Maine, of all places? Epicenter not far from Portland, they said, felt throughout New England. Jumpin' Jehosophat. What's next? Hurricane, probably.

Then there is the weather here in Southern California. Long time residents have been pooh-poohing my guesstimate that the hot weather lasts well into October. Here it is, October 17th, and the high today in my neck of the woods is predicted to be 101. Takes a bit of getting used to. (No, darling, I never end a sentence a preposition with. Why do you ask?)

With all the earthquakes around the world recently: Philippines, Hindu Kush (Afghanistan), Japan, Kamchatka peninsula (Russia) and off the coast of Chile, I'm surprised that we here in La-La land haven't had one. I'm afraid that the longer the earth is still, the greater the accumulated strain, the worse the resultant earthquake when it happens. And it WILL happen.

So, that's the news for a Wednesday morning. Not Pollyanna, but Cassandra, a personification of profound understanding on the one hand and powerlessness on the other (she was cursed with the gift of foresight, but never to be believed); however, that's a theme for another time.

Read/Post Comments (6)

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