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Speaking of Which
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...showers in the morning, well more like drizzle, I would say. I set out for my walk this morning with a light wind blowing enough mist into my face to be considered drizzle. If I were driving a car, I'd have had to use the windshield wipers. So, yes, drizzle. The humidity is 98%. Can you say 'muggy'?

Don't get me wrong--I love the cool weather!

In other news, my hip has been hurting again (congenital hip dysplasia acting up) and so I've started taking large doses of turmeric again. Takes a day or so to work, maybe even a few days, but it sure makes a difference in the pain level. And it's better than Aleve or Vicodin.

My doctor did a bone density scan on me yesterday during my visit, and when he looked at the hip, asked me if I were in pain. When I told him about it, and what I do for it, he was surprised that I was still walking and not in severe pain, considering what he saw in the scan. I told him I had read an article about turmeric for pain in Time magazine, of all places. His answer: if it works, go for it. I like his attitude.

He says the bone is wearing thin, though, so I should start taking calcium (actually calcium with zinc and magnesium, for the complete suite of minerals). OK, I can do that. All medicines should be so easy and obvious and natural. I don't like taking pharmaceuticals.

Maybe I should try to invent a calcium-infused coffee. That would do the trick.

Read/Post Comments (7)

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