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I came across an article yesterday on a website called DeviantArt (of all things). It talks about how to live with an introvert, and I wish every extrovert would read it.

Being introverted is NOT the same thing as being aloof, shy, frightened, or withdrawn.

Extroverts, introverts, derive their energy for life and personal interactions in different ways.

And they have different criteria for interacting with people.

An extrovert gets energized by interactions with other people--all people; they need lots and lots of people contact (talk, email, phone, and so forth). Parties are the highlights of their lives. They have the radio or TV chattering all the time.

Introverted people make their own energy in solitude; then, during social contact, they give energy rather than being energized. It's all outflow. So they find most interactions depleting and exhausting and they needs lots of down time to recharge the batteries.

JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE IS INTROVERTED DOESN'T MEAN THEY DON'T LIKE COMPANY. It means that they are selective on whom to spend their precious resource, and they are aware that it is limited, so they remove themselves from contact when they are done.

Say hello, be relaxed and welcoming, share news if it's important (don't gossip, as it's perceived by introverts as a gross waste of time and energy). Then go back to what you were doing. You've let the introvert know he/she is welcome and that you're open to interaction, no pressure.

Don't take silence as an insult; it isn't. The introvert may just need time to be quiet and recharge the batteries.

See how easy it is to live with an introvert?

Read/Post Comments (8)

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