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Don't Stop
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"Don't Stop" was the mantra for the morning's walk. It was OK for the temps to be in the low 40's on the first half of the walk, with a light breeze at my back. But on the return trip the wind picked up and baby, it was cold! The moving air just stripped all the body heat away.

The little squirrel I see every day in the crook of his tree said it best, flicking his tail over his back, "Keep moving, sister, or you'll freeze." Yes, little brother. Keep on truckin'.

So I moved on down the road, arrived home, and was so happy to get inside again, where the temps were at least 10 degrees warmer. Turn up the heat, I need to thaw out.

Regarding yesterday's "dinner" of a granola bar--we had had pizza for lunch, then a glass of wine when a friend came over. By the time they left, it was dinnertime, but I was not hungry. I'm trying to listen to my body's need (or not) where food is concerned, and right at that moment it said "not".

So I didn't. Granola bar was enough to give the tummy something to meditate upon and the cup of tea that went with it was soothing and comforting.

Today I'm dreading attending the quarterly medical meeting with my husband's VA team, but it's part of my commitment. Don't stop.

"Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof." My mother used to say that quite often. Does anyone know the source?

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