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Bit of a Respite
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My cold is somewhat better, though my energy level is still in the basement. It was such a relief to be able to sleep and to have a break from the constant coughing, that I overestimated how much I could accomplish when I woke up, feeling pretty good. Did some laundry, then went to Trader Joe's (nearly out of coffee, egad).

Completely did me in. After putting the groceries away, I grabbed a snack and fell into a cough-less nap. The arms of Morpheus...the laundry is still in the washing machine.

B has borrowed a car for a week or so, and that's another respite for me. Instead of her being home and underfoot all day, she's out and gadding about, leaving me to hang about in peace and quiet. Another couple of days and I should be ready to gad about myself, I hope.

So nothing's happening here, except that I'm proofing a novelette for an author who has a genius for finding just the wrong word. He knows what he wants to say, I think, but the thesaurus has led him astray. A thesaurus does NOT give you synonyms. You have to know the dictionary definition AND how the word is used in context.

I can help him out with that, since in most cases I can guess what he means. For the rest, he'll have to describe it more fully before I can suggest substitutions.

Just call me Ishmael Wordsmith.

Read/Post Comments (5)

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