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Do Little Dogs EVER Get Tired of Barking?
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Do little dogs EVER get tired of barking? That is the question of the morning. B is dog-sitting for a friend and little doggie and I are home alone. Together. Because B went to church and I decided to stay home and finish my work.

One of us is at the computer, editing the newsletter for the organization; the other of us is barking her fool head off. I leave it to you to sort out which is which. One guess.

It's very distracting. She's downstairs and I'm up here, and the hallway up the stairs makes the perfect echo chamber. I suppose I could bring her up here, but the cat would have a (literal) hissy fit. I could put the cat in her carrier, but that hardly seems fair....

Maybe doggie will get tired (I gave her a treat, which she completely ignored). So my question to you is this: how long before she wears out? Big dogs usually settle down with a few pets and something to chew on. I don't have much experience with little yappers, and after a few hours with this dog I may go totally bonkers.

I don't suppose yelling at her will do any good...doesn't work with children, either.

Read/Post Comments (7)

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