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Gas Prices (Gasp!)
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What the hell is going on? Gasoline prices have jumped 45 cents in a month. I just filled my tank yesterday and the least expensive (can't use the word "cheapest") gas was $4.42 in these here parts. Good grief. I can remember when $5 would fill it up, not just dribble in a single gallon.

This must be really hard on people who use heating oil to keep their houses warm--that is, if the delivery truck can reach them, what with the snow and all. Each fillup must be astronomically expensive.

A knowledgeable friend tells me that, even though the U.S. has reduced its reliance on imported oil, prices at service stations are still tied to global prices and subject to global market trends, as well as to regional refinery constraints, as here in California (p.s. the tax per gallon hasn't changed).

The price of crude oil is going up, not down. But how does 80 cents' increase for a barrel of oil equate to 45 cents per gallon? And I thought I read that oil supplies are increasing, and will soon outstrip demand. Something is rotten in Denmark.

Can you say, "profit margins"?

Read/Post Comments (8)

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