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and %^&*

I'm sick again. Same stuff I came down with the day after Christmas. Sonofabitch, I'm just so pissed off. Can't lie down, because I can't breathe. Can't sit up long because I feel so miserable. Not even enough energy to throw a proper temper tantrum. Botheration!

And it's lovely, gorgeous winter weather here in sunny southern California, the kind that you see on picture postcards. This is the weather that drew GIs returning from WWII and from Korea like a magnet to the southwest.

(I'd upload a picture from my iPhone if I knew how).

Stop. Don't interrupt me. I know it will pass in a couple of weeks or a few days, but for right now I'm going to indulge in an unadulterated self-pity party. Boo-hoo. Waaaaah! Stomping around, getting red in the face--or is that from coughing? Probably.

There oughtta be a law. Some kind of Divine Regulation that says only one per year is allowed. A fiat. No, not the car, the other fiat.

Going to try to nap in my reading chair....

later--fever (100.8) and chills. If I thought I felt miserable this morning, this afternoon puts it in a whole nuther perspective. Have to eat, but the very thought of food turns my stomach. Bah, humbug.

Read/Post Comments (6)

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