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Heat and the Brain
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I just read an article that told about a study confirming something we all know already--that hot weather (really hot weather and most especially hot, humid weather) affects cognition. When the body can't cool down, it's harder for the brain to function, for us to think clearly, when overheated. Best rationale I've ever come across for air conditioning.

When the temperatures soar above 90, I often feel as though my brain has turned into a mass of confusion and irritation. I can't think straight and I'm likely to make bad decisions.

Which is why, I guess, people talk about the "long, hot summer" as being a harbinger of crimes and troubles.

I wonder how police officers and firefighters are affected, not only being out in the heat, but also wearing those heavy uniforms. Do they, like us civilians, sometimes make bad decisions because they are affected by the heat?

A similar fog descended upon me earlier this week when my fever was pushing 102. I just couldn't make the simplest decisions; if it wasn't something in my normal daily habits I was unable take any kind of effective or intelligent action.

Fever also affected my vision. Light of any kind hurt my eyes and I couldn't focus well enough to read. Also, high temps make my skin sensitive, unpleasantly so. No wonder sick babies are cranky! Sick grownups are, too.

Feeling weak, but considerably better today. Bet there are a zillion emails waiting for me in my inbox. Take care my friends; dodge them viruses!

Read/Post Comments (7)

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