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Identity Theft
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One piece of advice regarding protecting oneself against identity theft is "never carry your Social Security card in your wallet."

That advice is just fine for you youngsters who don't have a Medicare card, but for me, I have to carry the card and there is my SSN in all its glory for anyone to see if my wallet is stolen.

Which is why I stash my wallet in my pants pocket, even when I carry my purse. Anyone who puts his/her hand near that area of my body is likely to have more than my wallet to worry about.

Still, though, I wonder. In this day and age of high tech, why on earth do they issue cards with the SSN front and center? I carry the Medicare card because in a medical emergency I'd need proof of insurance. Even if I copied it and blacked out all but the last four digits, I'd still have to have the whole number to give the hospital/ambulance. Unconscious, that would be difficult for me to do. I'm not sure if they would refuse care or not.

Your thoughts? Is there something I'm overlooking?

Read/Post Comments (4)

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