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No Phone Call
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They had their baby. The father (B's son) texted her that the baby was well and mother doing fine. B has called everyone she can think of because she's so upset that her son hasn't spoken to her, only texted.

It's all about her, her need to be reassured that she's important in their lives, her need to share what's happening.

Funny, that. They also didn't tell her when they got married--only afterward. I get the feeling that they fear she may be too bossy, interfering in their lives. And they would be right. If they lived here on the west coast, B would be all up in their business, telling them what to do, crossing the boundary of service, into control.

I told her that she should just relax and stop being so egotistical, that the new parents probably had more important things on their minds than assuaging her anxiety, like maybe bonding over their new baby.

She's upset with me, too. I guess I could be more supportive, but I would be an enabler if I took her side when I believe she's all about her and her own needs. She's spoken very little about the baby or the parents.

This is a side of B that undermines her all the time. She's wonderful, energetic, generous, funny, smart, proactive, but her insecurities, her craving to be accepted, betray her, leading people to avoid having her on their team (or in their family).

Already with the upcoming dinner dance our organization is organizing, I can see the organizers trying to figure out a way to include her in the process without allowing her to antagonize everybody by being bossy and critical.

My sympathies, folks. Good luck.

Meantime, I'm sure her son and daughter-in-law will call when they're good and ready. She will just have to possess her soul in patience until then. And I'll listen to her pace the house, talking on the phone to anybody who will listen to her, going on about how she's left messages with everybody back home and they haven't called her back.

Poor dear, so insecure.

Read/Post Comments (4)

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