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Severe Weather Alert! according to the weather prognosticators. Clicking on the tab revealed that we are experiencing heavy ground fog (is there any other kind?). Um, thanks for the alert, but when I went out a few minutes ago to check the bird feeders, I did notice that I couldn't see the school across the street. And being of modest intelligence, I figured it out for myself.

Glad I don't have to drive anywhere today. Southern California drivers do not know how to handle any kind of unusual road condition(s). They get crazy and do unexpected (i.e., dangerous) things.

Today is the day of the parenthesis. Celebrate it!

I've been waking up the last few days to the tail ends of nightmares. Really awful ones, the kind that reveal one's deepest fears. Nothing that I can think of to trigger them. I guess every once in a while one's subconscious decides to clean house and throw out the trash.

To the contrary, I'm in a good position, with a regular (if modest) income from reliable sources (unless the GOP manages to dismantle our social safety net and get their greedy hands on pension plans). I have a mortgage payment I can afford. I am recovered from the flu. And I certainly have more than enough clothing to amuse myself with (time to sort and toss).

Not to mention (so I'm mentioning) my electronic toys and my books. Life is good, so why am I having nightmares? Trash day is the only explanation I can think of.

Ah! I hear the siren sound of the coffee pot finishing its brew. Have a good one, my friends, I'm off to fill my cup.

Read/Post Comments (5)

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