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Mood and Food
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I've learned over the years (though I still do it on occasion) that if I have a day where my food is heavy on the carbs, I will have a 'carb hangover' the next day. It's very much like an alcohol hangover--headache, thirsty, death-warmed-over.

Usually happens as a result of going out to dinner (i.e., our once a month vegetarian dinner club) or having a dinner party at my friends' house, where they serve two or three carbs with a tiny bit of vegetable hidden underneath. Easter Sunday we were supposed to have a salad, but she forgot to make it, and we joked all afternoon about how we were so full because we'd eaten too much (virtual) salad.

The next day, my mouth felt as though the Russian Army had marched through it in its stocking feet and my head echoed to a silent drumbeat. Meat and potatoes and bread may sound delicious, but this old body yearns for fruits and vegetables.

Feeling bad physically lends itself to being in a bad mood: angry, sad, or anxious. So the "morning after" isn't just about the headache; it's also about the heartache.

The mind/body connection is so obvious, that I'm always amazed when traditional doctors dismiss it with a wave of the hand and look for some kind of pill to fix things.

You are what you eat, mind and body both.

Read/Post Comments (5)

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