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Lost Track of the Timeline
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I can remember the sequence of events but I'm not sure about the exact timeline. It's been a day with plenty of drama, and I don't mean the entertaining kind (unless you enjoy schadenfreude).

Husband was in the ER, then was admitted to the hospital 4th floor. From there he was going to have tooth pulled by VA dentist (don't know if that ever happened) and subsequently returned, not to the hospital room, but back to the long term Living Center from whence he started.

I took a deep breath and thought that the worst was over. A good course of antibiotics and he'd be back on track. Wrong. His fever spiked, he was disoriented and becoming overwhelmed with whatever the infection is.

So he went back to the ER and I just got word that he is being re-admitted (or is it re-re-admitted) to the hospital.

I'm too exhausted and hot (it was 102 today and still in the 90's) to go visit tonight -- and anyway I think visiting hours are over.

I'll go in the morning. At least it will be cooler where the VA is than at my house. I hope.

They don't know what's wrong with him, except that it's an infection (duh). I will find out tomorrow just what they plan on doing--culture? change antibiotic? intravenous meds?

He loves drama and being the center of medical attention, but I think this may be over the top, even for him. I'm trying to keep a positive outlook; I'll be happier when the doctors can come up with a diagnosis/prognosis a little more specific than "infection".

Life is good, but it does have its bumpy moments, doesn't it?

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