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Apres Aujourd'hui
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(I still remember how to speak French. I was fluent in French from my childhood. But I'll be darned if I can remember how to write it.)

After today, things should settle down a bit. I still have a huge backlog of demands from my husband (computer desk, tax records, new pants) and a list of tasks of my own (bills, laundry, grocery shopping), but the report that is due today will be done with and that's a huge weight off my mind.

Also on my "To Do" list are a couple of books that I've agreed to edit, but that task is always more pleasure than pain, particularly when the author is someone whose work I like and admire, based on his/her earlier books.

Also the "To Do" list has a conference with the VA staff regarding my husband's status--always a highly stressful event--but it's not for a week or so. Don't borrow trouble, my mother always said, and it's good advice. Sufficient unto the day....

Walking this morning was more difficult than usual. Pain the whole way, but I did manage to do 30 minutes at a reasonably steady pace. Walking is good, because it reminds me that beyond my tendency to denial there is the reality of necessary surgery. I feel so good, that without the pain during walks, I'd put it off indefinitely, resulting in sudden death down the line. Not good.

[Just dropped an earring in my coffee. Drat! That's what I get for trying to multi task before I'm completely awake. Good thing I drink my coffee black, and that there's a refill waiting in the pot.]

Hummers and finches are feeding babies now, so they're going through food at an astounding rate, nearly doubled from early spring. I'm refilling the feeders every day, while they wait impatiently in the olive tree for me to get on with it and then clear the scene.

Time to go feed the birdies. See you later!

Read/Post Comments (4)

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